Education for Deeper Social Integration – Rome

Between November 4th and 8th the EDSI team of educators and experts will be visiting Rome, the capital of Italy, for our second project Activity. We will see many examples of good practices and explore and enhance our skills related to educating adults from vulnerable groups. During the activity, we will also organize an exhibition and public lecture showcasing the good practices detected during the project. The activity is, in regard to current political tensions, very timely.

Education for Deeper Social Integration – Athens

Between 24th and 30th June, Žiga Dobnikar and Robert Križanič attended the international activity in Athens…

Presentation of EDSI in Maribor

A presentation of the EDSI project will be made to accompany the lecture by the renowned Slovenian activist, musician and columnist N’Toko – Miha Blažič. The lecture will be a short presentation of the project and an overview of the difficulties vulnerable adults facing discrimination tackle every day in Maribor. The lecture will take place on the 28th of December 2017 at 20.00.

Kickoff in Varna

The members of the EDSI consortium will be meeting for their inaugural meeting in Varna in the next week. The kickoff meeting will address all managerial issues of the project, but will also be expanded with exploring local good practices, visiting social enterprises and meeting local authorities. A small press conference will also be held.