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Education for deeper Social Integration

Strong international network of institutions dealing with education of adults, especially those, who belong to vulnerable groups.


The main task

of this project is the social integration of vulnerable adults, into the mainstream society through holistic education approaches, which we will research and also determine their potential for transfer into new local contexts.

Education For Deeper Social Integration

In the project we trained educators, who already possess the basic skill sets, on the best principles of effective and active work in the field of educating adult refugees and members of other vulnerable groups and helping in their integration into the mainstream society and the work market. 

EDSI – From Theory To Practice

EDSI – TP builds on the previous project and focuses on preparing intellectual outputs, which are key for the development of competences of teaching staff and consequently better addressing the needs of vulnerable adults in educational processes.

Association EPEKA, Soc. Ent.

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About Us

EPEKA Association, soc. ent. was founded in 2008. Our activities are in the field of EU citizenship, EU values and intercultural dialogue. EPEKA also has branches abroad: EPEKA Czech Republic, EPEKA Austria, EPEKA Serbia, EPEKA Turkey and an informal group of youth EPEKA Armenia. EPEKA Association, Soc. Ent., is an association of public interest in the field of culture and an association of public interest in the field of youth. 

Association EPEKA, soc. ent.
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