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28.1. – 30.1. 2020

Berlin, Germany

The consortium of the project Education for Deeper Social Integration – From Theory to Practice met for the first time in Berlin, Germany, on the first transnational project meeting. It was organised by Epeka Berlin between January 28th and 30th 2020 and was attended by two representatives from each partner organisation — Epeka Slovenia, Universita Degli Studi Di Roma  Unitelma Sapienza, Epeka Berlin, Cumbria Credits Limited, Regional Cluster North- East, Epeka Serbia and Fundacja Europejski Instytut Outsorcingu. 

The aim of this kick-off meeting was to get familiar with all aspects and details of the project, to create a concrete implementation timeline, to distribute the roles of the partner organisations, to present the administrative and reporting rules of the project and finally to get to know one another and the different contexts in which we work.

Education for Deeper Social Integration – From Theory to Practice primarily addresses the development of competences of teaching staff, which is involved in projects and programmes of adult education. Based on our previous experience and experiences of our partner organisations in this field, there are numerous shortcomings, especially in relation to education of vulnerable groups, that require differently structured approaches, a higher level of empathy and good understanding of intercultural differences as well as the ability to solve conflicts, that can arise out of these circumstances.

Within the project we will develop two intellectual outputs, an open educational resource and a series of 4 short animations. The project also includes four learning, teaching and training activities, two transnational project meetings and a multiplicationevent.